Since 1994 Klauder & Company Architects have based every decision on simple values; guiding principles which inform every decision we make. Adhering to these basic directives--integrity, innovation, and sensitivity to cultural and contextual needs--has consistently served the firm through varying economic conditions. 


At Klauder & Company Architects we believe conducting business between honorable parties is a noble pursuit.  We strive to consistently deliver “something extra” for our clients--a value far above that which is required by contractual agreements.  Our rewards are most strongly felt when we work with individuals who truly understand the rigors of the design and construction world; those who appreciate the efforts we expend to ensure we exceed expectations and provide a consistently high quality product.  This is the basis of our business relationship with the world; our means of self-promotion, the reason we have thrived, and why we are privileged to serve so many repeat customers.


 Innovation--often encountered in many different forms-- is critical to design.  We strive to continually innovate with technology through implementation of the latest software and high performance hardware. We bring efficiency to production on every project by weighing the benefits of numerous technological options available to enable selection of the system that provides the maximum value to our projects. We also strive for innovation in our approach to each project by exploring all options relative to the interpretation of building codes, construction assembly options, future master planning considerations, and with regard to contextual and/or culturally sensitive design options.


 To provide truly successful architectural design it is important to be an integral component of the community in which we work.  There is nothing more rewarding to a designer than to feel that they have successfully connected with the client in a manner that elicits excitement and enlightened delight—that is, “you got it”; you listened, but not only listened; you heard, but not only heard; you understood, but not only understood; you transformed their message and vision into something mentally stimulating and relevant to their needs and values. We greatly enjoy working with a variety of cultures, work and business environments, and love to learn new ways to appreciate and express meaning in architecture.


Maintaining fair and equitable relationships with employees, peers, and clients while daring to explore and continually stretch the boundaries of convention enable Klauder & Company Architects to successfully articulate the needs of our valued clients. At Klauder & Company we believe these Values support an approach to life and work which distinguishes our team of dedicated professionals and sets us apart from our peers.